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Signatures Wiki is a group project where users from any wiki can request that a custom signature be made for their personal preferences.
For an in-depth look on our community's work, please visit our list of examples.

Requesting a Theme

Request your theme in the requests forum.
Sign your post.

Recent Requests

TopicLast PostLast Author
PikminKnight16719:07, January 1, 2015GoldenKnight10
Pan Cube15:45, January 29, 2014Pan Cube
SwagNoodle80900:20, January 27, 2014Yuzura
Jay Sea23:22, October 2, 2013Yuzura
OmegaFlawz23:21, October 2, 2013Yuzura
Rebekah Mikaelson 22823:21, October 2, 2013Yuzura

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